About us

Our company was founded in 2005. All the designs come from Japan.  We manufacture, design and develop some of theworld’s finest sex dolls. Our facility is over 30,000 square meters and we maintaina competitive, yet honest reputation in Japan and China. We have a teamconsisting of professional sculptors, state-of-the-art designers, 20technicians, and over 300 employees. Our production can exceed up to or morethan 1000 high grade units per month. While production and standards are high,we are always making ourselves available to innovative ways, and advances withthe technology available to us. Since our inception, we’ve continuously grownwhile building a great reputation.

Ourproducts are exported to Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia and othercountries and regions. Our company follows the trends of international Sex dolls,introduces new varieties and always tries to meet customers’ needs. Ourproducts have good quality and affordable prices. You can find our products allover the world: Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, Korea, and more! We alwayskeep an eye on trends, and what the community needs. It is our goals to giveyou the best products and keepthem affordable. We’re always open to newopportunities. If you would like to make any additional inquiries, please visitour contact page and submit any questions you may have!

Wehave the best team of experts who know what the customers exactly want from theadult sex dolls online and we have been working to satisfy the customers foryears. So, if you work away from home and do not want to cheat on your lovelywife, realistic sex doll can be a great option for you. The sex dolls at oursite are made of high quality materials and are so life like that you have thereal sex experience.

Ourproducts speak for themselves. We at Sweetie Dolls put our best efforts tofulfill all your needs and have the best sculptors and designers to give thecustomers a value for their price. We are one of the leading sex dollmanufacturers and also offer customized dolls according to your preferences. Soif you are looking for sex dolls, we guarantee you that no other sellers canmeet our standards.

Thesex dolls that you get at our site have sophisticated structures, movablejoints and most importantly a realistic body that gives you a feeling of realsex. To enhance the users’ experience we have made all dolls with a soft skinthat makes you feel like you are touching a real woman. We have different combinationsof head and body, giving the customers wide choices of products. The breasts ofthe dolls have elastomeric inserted to have better movements.


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